Children's Music Land
Children's Music Lessons : An Australian Early Childhood Music Program for newborns to 8 year olds.

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TERM 1, 2018 - booking now -

starts Thursday February 1st, 2018.

Book now for a 4 week mini term from $70.

Please email or phone to book.


Classes will are held in Boonah onThursday afternoon. Email now for information and booking form.




This is an Australian Early Childhood music program offering children's music classes in Brisbane, developed in Brisbane, Queensland by Caryn Eastman in 2005 as she saw a need for a professional developmental music program that would be suitable for Australian families.


Caryn Eastman has been teaching children's music lessons in classes in Brisbane since 1979 and seen much success from the students who have gone through her early childhood music programs that she started in 1989. Several of the students who have attended these children's music lesson programs have now achieved diplomas in music and music teaching through AMEB and ANZCA.


The program has 5 levels of children's music classes suitably age grouped for children from newborn babies to 8 years old.

The music that the children are introduced to includes classical repertoire for movement and quiet listening, traditional nursery rhymes for singing, moving and playing with instruments, traditional children's spoken rhymes and finger plays, as well as singing story books.

The children's music class involves many fun activities for children to develop the foundation skills of music in an exciting and encouraging environment.


Phone:  0422 909 266



10 Great Reasons to join our children's music classes:

     1.  Advance Socialisation Skills

     2.  Develop Gross Motor Skills

     3.  Nurture Imagination

     4.  Enhance Creativity

     5.  Grow Their Confidence

     6.  Overcome Shyness

     7.  Entertain Your Child Educationally

     8.  Develop New Interests

     9.  Discover New Ideas for Play

    10. Build Life-long Performing Arts Skills

Give your child the opportunity to open the door to music in their life for a lifelong journey.