A rhymical and repetitious story encouraging memory skills, illustrated in die-cut form
Age Range - 2 to 8 years

Type of Book - participation books and pattern books

Art Work - colourful, humourous drawings, cut out holes on
each page

Binding - stapled

* promotes fine motor development as child manipulates
variety of shapes on the pages
* designed for child to interact with book in a physical way
* uses vocabulary to communicate animal sounds (Old
MacDonald) (sensory perception)
* involves use of rhymes and patterns which repeat throughout the books (pattern books are excellent for children as they are very easy to memorize so the child very quickly can master these books)
* incorporates music as most of these books are also songs
* provides opportunities for developing sequencing skills as child attempts to remember sequence of animals, insects and birds
* demonstrates print is meaningful as text matches illustrations

Extended Thinking
* child plays at reading as child reads book by memory
* assemble concrete animals, insects, birds, etc.
described in the books (eg. a toy dog, toy fly, etc.) Then ask child to sequence these to match the stories. (this can
be done after many repeated experiences with the books).

The books in this series are songs which help
children to remember a number of things in a series forwards
and backwards. As a sound, animal, piece of clothing or
number is added, its shape is cut out on the page. When singing or "telling" the song there is a visual clue to the
next in the series. Remembering things in a series is a
mathematical and organizational skill. Doing it through song
is fun. With the visual clue to the next in the series the children will be successful in keeping up with the adult.
This helps a child gain confidence and raise his self-
esteem - the feeling of "I can do it". They can then do it
on their own or singing to a sibling.

This is the house that Jack built

This playful old classic was first presented in the "Classic books with holes" series by Child's Play in 1977. Its worldwide popularity is a testimonial to its timeless appeal. In this 1994 revised edition, the tried-and-true favorite promises to deliver even more fun and play.

The large,
colourful illustration of Jack's house is still the focal point of this version. The addition of new
characters in the house as the book progresses makes each turn of the page a game. Now the characters are also pictured on the opposing page with short, simple sentences
identifying each one. Some are pecking through magically-cut holes with "Who is this?" printed nearby.

The rhythmic text accumulates on each page as new characters are introduced until they are all in the text, all in the
house and all pictured on the text page in the last 2 page spread.

Themes: Classic rhymes, word play, chanting, observation
and memory, animals nesting, geometric shapes.


-The rhythmic, playful pattern of the text which teases us to remember and repeat everything that came before has
proven appeal, especially with very young children, but also
with 5 to 8 year olds who love to test their language and memory skills with accumulative rhymes and songs. There are many opportunities for children at every stage of early language development to exercise their skills in
communication, reading and even writing (some children will
enjoy trying to remember the whole text in writing).

-Each page has die-cut holes of
varying shapes and sizes to pique curiosity and provide an opportunity to introduce the
square, rectangle, triangle, circle and oval simply by
asking "Whom do you see through the circle?"...etc.

-How can "the priest all shaven and shorn marry the man all tattered and torn"?...A challenging riddle for an eight year
old, but don't hesitate to introduce the concept of synonyms
to children as young as two years. They may not grasp
it right away, but they'll love to say symomyn ...
snynomym... smynomymyn ..... .oh, you know! 

Give your child the opportunity to open the door to music in their life for a lifelong journey.

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This is the House That Jack Built

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The House that Jack Built 
Classic Tales    Illustrator Pam Adams
Classification Peek-a-Boo Books Series Peek-a-Boo Books
Key Learning Areas 
  Literacy - Early Reading 
  Music and Songs 
Age Level: 2-8 years  

Dimensions: 16 pages 285 x 285mm  soft cover

This title is also available in Soft Cover and Board Book.