Special Offer
Try a Mini Term 4 weeks for $70 for Caterpillars, Butterflies and Lady Bugs.


Special offer


I feel it is very important for parents to make an informed decision about any program that they are deciding to introduce into their child's life.


Children's Music Land offers parents the opportunity to book initially for a 4 week mini term to trial the program to help them make this decision.


This means that as a parent you make a commitment to attending a lesson once a week for four consecutive weeks to see how the program flows from week to week and how your child will benefit from the course.


 A 4 week mini term is $70 (available for Caterpillars, Butterflies and Ladybugs) or $100 for Koalas, Platypus and Colourstrings and includes four consecutive, weekly lessons, without home materials. Once you have seen the program over a four week period and you decide to commit to the full term the $70 is treated as a deposit and you only have to pay the balance of the term to complete the 8 week course and receive the home materials package.



Come and try a 4 week mini term from $70 for Butterflies and Lady Bugs or $100 for Koalas.

Give your child the opportunity to open the door to music in their life for a lifelong journey.