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About Colourstrings

Colourstrings was developed by Geza Silvay in Finland. It has been a core part of their state music education for more than forty years and is now an internationally respected way of teaching music to young children. It has already unintentionally produced many generations of professional musicians and active hobbyists world-wide.

The Helsinki Junior Strings, an orchestra of Colourstrings trained children aged between I0-20 years, is now regarded as one of Europe’s finest chamber orchestras!   International soloists Réka Szilvay, Pekka Kuusisto and Linda Lampenius are also Colourstrings trained.Many local education authorities in Britain are now introducing Colourstrings into their schools.


"Colourstrings is an exceptional method in the training of young musicians and I have yet to experience a more successful approach to developing musicianship, aural awareness and solid musical principles in the very young"
Derek Aviss, Principal, Trinity College of Music, London
                                                                                             "The contribution that Colourstrings makes to early years' education has been invaluable… The part that Colourstrings will play in the future is of vital importance to the cultural life of this country"
Nicolas Chisholm, Headmaster, The Yehudi Menuhin

Children are stimulated by the colourful notation & the use of familiar songs which invite them to explore the new world of the violin by building on their Kodaly musical play experiences. Musicianship games and an overall sense of play engages the children into highly focused studies.

Our teaching approach encourages sound technical development alongside creative thinking which develops the musical ear, musical literacy & understanding through colouring, copying, composing, transposing,performing and improvising.


Lessons build on the foundations laid in the Children's Music Land classes, developing the child's instrumental and musicianship skills side by side. With the basic musicianship skills learnt in the early childhood classes at the child’s disposal, they will be free to concentrate on the technical aspects of instrumental playing and are usually found to progress more quickly.

Children that have not had the benefit of the Children's Music Land classes or pre-instrumental training will still easily learn and understand the basic principles of the music through the carefully devised material. This approach continues through to advanced level.

Some approaches to instrumental teaching delay music reading and bring quick and attractive results in the beginning but can deprive the child of the complementary development of technique, intellect and emotion by reducing the complex activity of instrumental playing to little more than imitation and copying movements. Undoubtedly, reading does slow down progress slightly in the early years but sight connects the learning with the brain and raises the child’s artisanship to an intellectual level. Knowledge that is achieved through more than one sense is deeper and long-lasting.

A Colourstrings trained child learns to hear inwardly what he/she is reading and therefore plays with a much deeper sense of understanding and musicality. Through our approach virtually all children, even those who would once be thought of as ‘tone deaf’, can learn an instrument and become competent players.




Children's Music Land offers a Prep Colourstrings course. This is for the year previous to a child starting the colourstrings violin course.  The Prep Colourstings course that must be completed by the children in the year before they start in Colour Strings violin course. It is essential that children have develeped basic skills of music, singing in tune, clapping and naming rhythmic concepts, identifying high and low pitch, security of the songs from violin tutor book etc. This course is the foundation needed to ensure children are successful when they actually start playing the violin. 

 The Prep course is $225 for each 8 week term.


Children then move on to the Colourstrings Violin course in the year they have turned 4 by the 1st of January. The Colourstrings violin course is a course run each term of the year for 8 lessons per term. The cost is $225 per term, the materials fee for the book is $65 and is additional to the tuition fees. The materials book is compulsory and an essential part of the course. The matereials book will last for a minimum of three terms.

Please email Caryn or phone 0422 909 266 for further details of class times.

Give your child the opportunity to open the door to music in their life for a lifelong journey.