Class Policies


Choosing a Class
The age recommendations outlined for early childhood classes have been carefully constructed to best group children in an age and developmentally appropriate way. Therefore, it is important that your child be at least the minimum age by the start of the course in which you are enrolling. If you have any concerns about your child’s success in a particular age group range, I am happy to discuss your child’s needs and to work with you to place him in the class best suited for him.
Register Early.
Although you may join the class at any time of the duration of the course, please register early as class sizes are limited and many fill quickly. Children who are enrolled at least three weeks before the commencement of the semester will also have their materials available from the first lesson. If you enrol after the course starts a pro rata price will be available from Caryn.
Enrolment Confirmation
You will receive an email, letter or phone call to confirm your registration and which class your child was placed into.
Payments are non-transferrable and non-refundable. If extenuating circumstances requiring withdrawal from class occur please place your request in writing to Caryn. All refund requests will be considered on an individual basis. The cost of materials is not refundable. A $25 processing fee is non-refundable.
Payment Policy
We accept cash, cheque, credit card, Eftpos and Direct debit. Payments. All cheques must be made out to C. Eastman. Direct Debit payments can be accepted by contacting the office. A fee of $35 is payable upon any cheque that bounces due to bank charges to our account in the event of this occurring.
Sick Children
If children are too sick to go to school or day-care then they are too sick for music lessons. It is important that children with contagious conditions are kept at home to protect the other children.
Make-up Classes.
Classes will be made up in the event of teacher absence. If a teacher is sick a substitute teacher will take the class if there is one available. If you miss a class due to illness or pre arranged holiday a miss lesson voucher will be issued to you. You may use this to attend a class of the same level that has a vacancy. The voucher is valid for one month from the date issued.
Siblings in Class.
Wherever possible please find care for siblings so that the child enrolled gets the full benefit of the time in class with you. If you have to bring a non enrolled child to class they can not participate in the class in any way. They are not able to use the instruments or sit on the story blanket. Non-enrolled siblings who are younger must be suitably restrained so that they are not prone to the danger of being stepped on when we dance. A stroller is provided on the premises to help you with this just ask your teacher. No noisy toys or food are to be given to non-enrolled siblings as this is distracting to the class participants.
Mobile Phones
Mobile phones must be fully turned off during class. This is a special time of bonding with you child and mobile phones destroy this from happening as well as disrupting the whole class.
Making the most of Class Time
Music lesson time is a very special time with your child. Plan to have a great time. It really helps your child she sees you joining in with the singing, dancing etc.
It is important to avoid talking to the Mum next you (especially during story time) as your child knows your voice so well and will be distracted by this.
Don’t forget to put your Cd on between classes and have extra fun with the music activities.
Please do not hesitate to email me (the best method to communicate with me) or phone me if you have any concerns so that I can help you. I am only ever able to help with a situation that I know exists.
4 Week Trials
These are available in the Children’s Music Land program for new families who want to find out more about our program (with the exception of Caterpillar Level as the course is only 6 weeks anyway). They are $65 and include 4 weeks tuition and no materials. If you wish to complete the course the $65 is deducted from the term fee.
Public Holidays
Normal lessons are scheduled on public holidays that fall during the duration of a term. This is an ideal opportunity for parents who work full time to attend the class with their child.

Give your child the opportunity to open the door to music in their life for a lifelong journey.