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Kids Dance and Play


Songs For Aussie Kids Childrens CD


Just for Kids Childrens CD


Songs for Kids


Children's Classics Box Set

This is an excellent value set of Cds to intoduce children to the classics. All the Cds are narrated so this helps to capture the childrens interest.

All of these CDs are available individually as well at $18 each.


Animals Songs - Double CD

Double Childrens CD of Animal songs


Humpty Dumpty Double Children's CD

Double Childrens CD


Mary Had a Little Lamb Double Childrens CD


Old MacDonald Had a Farm Double Children's CD


Puff the Magic Dragon Children's Double CD


Teddy Bear's Picnic Double Childrens CD


Wee Sing Around the World CD and Song Book.

The beauty of multiple languages and ethnic music is presented in this incredible collection of children’s songs from around the world. Children and adults from various countries say a greeting and introduce themselves in their own language and then in English. Songs are sung in the traditional language as well as in English, accompanied by musicians using ethnic instruments. What a great way for children of all ages to feel a little closer to other cultures around the world.


Wee Sing and Play CD and Song Book

Ready for some jump rope rhymes or clapping games? How about choosing rhymes or ball bouncing chants? Circle games or action songs? They’re all here in a great collection of songs, rhythms, and rhymes for classroom or home. From “The Hokey Pokey” to “London Bridge,” from “Hot Potato” to “1, 2, Buckle My Shoe,” the kids’ choir is energized as they share in the fun.


Wee Sing Bible Songs CD and Song Book

Songs of praise, prayer, Scripture, Bible stories and Bible heroes are shared by a charming children’s choir. Hear marches, clap alongs, action songs,y3=


Wee Sing Finger Children's Songs and Finger Plays Book and CD

Remember “Old MacDonald” and “Rain, Rain, Go Way”? What about “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and “Bingo”? All your favorites are collected in this large selection of 73 traditional songs and fingerplays, sung and chanted by children. Kids will learn to count, know the alphabet, memorize their name and address, think about colors, follow directions, move to the beat, and pretend to play instruments. And that’s only the beginning! Little ones will learn and grow with this book and audio.


Wee Sing for Baby CD and Song Book

This charming collection of songs and activities is an absolute must for new parents and grandparents. There are suggestions for interactive play between adult and baby which encourages bonding and stimulation as well as growth and development. The engaging voices of the children’s choir captivate babies and adults alike. Included are clapping and knee-bouncing songs, fingerplays, action songs, tunes for dancing, and even songs for taking a bath. The book and audio end with soothing and truly lovely lullabies.


Wee Sing Dinosaurs CD and Song Book

49 fun, fact filled songs and poems


One Hour of musical entertainment on one CD


64 page illustrated book with complete lyrics


Learn tons about dinosaurs including when they lived, where they lived, who named them, their sizes and sounds. Have fun listening to the children’s choir singing factual songs about all kinds of dinosaurs and even adding some silly songs along the way. All original songs, they are upbeat, singable, informational, and have some great sound effects. Dinosaur fans love this!


Price includes postage in Australia.


Give your child the opportunity to open the door to music in their life for a lifelong journey.